Special Occasion Keepsake Quilts
                 Prices are as follows:
    Classic Size:         44 x 52      $350.00
    Twin Size:             63 x 87      $400.00  
    Double/Full Size:  78 x 87      $475.00
    Queen Size:         84 x 92      $525.00
    King Size:           102 x 92      $600.00
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Sun Bonnet Sue Wall Hanging
This beautiful custom quilt was
created for a customer from
her daughter's baby clothes in
honor of the baby's first
birthday. A second wall
hanging was sewn in reverse
colors for the proud grandma.
Anniversary Quilt
This lovely quilt was created for
a 25th anniversary. Each guest
decorated a letter with our kit
and we accented it with hearts
and photos.
Golfers Delight
A great idea for the guy
who has everything! This
quilt was created from a
variety of the customers golf
towels as a Anniversary gift
from his wife.
Heirloom Quilt
"Thanks again for my work
of art.I love it !  Rama S.
This beautiful quilt was
created from Rama's
grandmother's wedding
dress and presented to
Rama's daughter in honor
of the birth of her first child.
This playful quilt was created
as a gift to the director of a
dog rescue center.
Each square features the
names of four dogs who were
saved by this wonderful
50th Anniversary quilt
with squares represent
the milestones in this
couples life.
A beautiful wedding quilt in
the brides favorite color; green!
The squares on this quilt were
created at the bride's shower
and then sent to us.  We used
great accent fabric to make