How much do the quilts cost?
Prices for a completed quilt start at $350.

Click here for price list of "Quilt Kit" quilts:       
Quilt Kit price list.
Click here for T-shirt quilt price list:                  T Shirt quilt Price List
Click here for photo quilt price list:                 Photo Quilt Price List

What comes in the quilting kit?
Pre-cut fabric squares and embellishments custom picked for your particular
occasion and color theme, a fabric pen to personalize your squares, a self
addressed envelope for mailing us your finished squares, plus easy instructions
and design ideas!

I'm not creative, what if I don't have any ideas?
Don't worry! By using the theme fabric squares and adorable embellishments
plus a little glue you will have a unique personalized
square done in no time!

How many squares are there?
There are 30 squares in each kit.: 20 of them are theme fabric
and 10 of them are white .  

How do I put a photo on a quilt square?
You can take the photo and a white square to a printer for transferring, or send
us a copy of the picture (via email or snail mail)
and we will transfer it on to the square for an additional $5.00.

Can you sew on the fabric square if you want to?
Sure, as long as you stay within the 1/2” borders
along the outside of the square.

Can I pick fabric color/theme for the quilt?
Yes, if you have a specific theme or color palette we will use fabric that
compliments it. If you would like the squares laid out in a
particular order, just let us know.

What if I mess up a square, do you send extras?
Yes, we always send extras.

How long before I receive the completed quilt?
Typically it takes 6 – 8 weeks to complete the quilt.
However we can do rush orders for an additional charge.

Is it possible to hang the quilt on the wall?
Yes, we will put a hanging sleeve on the back of the
quilt for no additional charge.

What are the dimensions of the quilt?
For quilts made from the Quilt Kits:   
20 squares - (44" x 52")
25 squares - (52" x 52")
30 squares -  (52" x 60")
(Larger than 30 squares please contact us for a price quote)       

T-shirt and Photo Quilt:
Classic Size           44" x 52"
Twin Size               63" x 87"
Double/Full Size    78" x 87"
Queen Size           84" x 92"
King Size               102" x 92"

How much will it cost to ship my quilt?
We calculate shipping based on weight and distance.
We ship via FedEx unless otherwise stipulated.

How do I care for my quilt?
You can hand wash them with delicate fabric detergent and hang dry. For quilts
with embellishments we suggest dry cleaning.

Still have questions?
Email us at  or call us at (818) 763-9532