The  unique, personal gift that says "Thank You!"
to a special Teacher or Principal.  Perfect for
the holidays or retirement.
                   Prices for finished quilts:
         Classic Size:         44 x 52      $350.00
         Twin Size:             63 x 87      $400.00  
         Double/Full Size:  78 x 87      $475.00
         Queen Size:         84 x 92      $525.00
         King Size:           102 x 92      $600.00
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Teacher Quilt Kit $29.95
(Fabrics & Embellishments may vary)
Students can create a lasting memory
for their special teacher or Principal.
A gift that the whole class can
participate in!
Forest Trail Elementary
School, Austin Texas
1st Grade Class Self
Portrait Quilt
"We love it!
You ladies rock!
Thank you so very much!"
Teacher's Quilt
This second grade class
decorated 12" squares in
honor of their beloved
teacher who was retiring.
Teacher's Quilt
Hand embroidered
alphabet by the 2nd
grade class made this
keepsake quilt so
Carole and Laurie,  
I wanted to let you know that the
quilt went for  $1,500 at the auction
on Saturday!!!!  It was one of the
highest bid on a classroom project
this year.  Thanks again for all of the
work you put into it.  Our kids will
really benefit from it. ---Windy Cole
This quilt was created by the students
and features their hand painted self
portraits, class photo and the school
This quilt was made by a 6th grade
art class in the style of artist Harriet
Powers. It was presented to the  
Principal and now hangs in her office.
One of 7 quilts created by
students after a trip to a local
farm!  The quilts were
auctioned off at a fund raiser
for the school.
A Gift from the PTA
School quilt featuring one
large square created by
each grade level to
celebrate the school's 50th
anniversary. It hangs in the
school office.
A retirement quilt for a
beloved teacher featuring
photos of her 5th grade
This happy teacher has wrapped
herself in her retirement quilt
claiming ""nobody else can leave
because they will never top this gift!"