T-shirt quilts are a memorable graduation gift
for high school and college bound teens.
This is also a great idea for  sports enthusiasts,
world travelers, hobbyists or  anyone who has a collection
of T-shirts that they want to keep forever!
 Prices are as follows:

Classic Size                44" x 54"          9-11 full size t-shirts maximum         $350.00
Twin Size                    63" x 87"         12-15 full size t-shirts maximum        $400.00
Double/Full Size         78" x 87"         16-25 full size t-shirts  maximum       $475.00
Queen Size                84" x 92"         26-30 full size t-shirts maximum        $525.00
King Size                  102" x 92"         31 full size t-shirts and up                $600.00

                             Small logos, patches, photos and embroidery
                can be incorporated into the quilt for an additional charge
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Graduation T Shirt Quilts
Here are some examples of T-shirt quilts made as graduation gifts for college bound teens.
MY MY MY! We had a small Christmas affair here
today and I unwrapped the quilt. I was BLOWN
away!!!!! and so were all the people here, it looks
better than when I sent the shirts off and the color
scheme was just Perfect. Needless to say It will be
a show piece and the people here took one of
your cards as they have many shirts they are
thinking of having done. You're truly such
wonderful people to capture my spirit in a quilt
thanks so much and I know that doesn't even
touch the way I feel
This quilt represents the many
T-shirts Katee saved from the
various custom car shows she's
entered and won.
This great guys quilt is a
testament to his love of
many sports!
Pink Ribbon T-Shirt Quilt
This amazing quilt was created from
9  "Run for the Cure" T-shirts
on the front and 6 beautiful Pink
ribbon scarves that our client wore.
This quilt was created from
favorite T-shirts of a teenage
This young ladies quilt is made from
all of her volleyball jerseys!
Keepsake Quilt for a
Marathon Runner
Custom, squishy pillow with t-shirts
cut-outs on both sides. Coordinates
with the Graduation quilt at the top of
this page
These mini-t-shirt quilts are perfect
to hang on the wall or keep on the
bed. Approx. 28" x 30".
This young ladies quilt is made from all of
her volleyball jerseys!