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These special quilts and wall hangings were made in memory
of loved ones from their clothes and photos.  

             Prices are as follows:
   Classic Size:         44 x 52      $350.00
   Twin Size:             63 x 87      $400.00  
   Double/Full Size:  78 x 87      $475.00
   Queen Size:         84 x 92      $525.00
   King Size:           102 x 92      $600.00
Fourteen quilts were made for this
family to honor the memory of their
We got the quilt yesterday
in the mail. Absolutely  
amazing. And I would  
have responded much
quicker, but I was so
stunned that I couldn't
comprehend  what to say
at the time! My Dad and I
love the quilt and it is
better than anything we
had imagined. You are the
best. The quilt will be with
me until the end.  
Thank you so much,   
This quilt honors a young
woman who passed away and
was ordered by her twin sister
for their mother.
It is a combination of T-shirts &
her photo in the middle.
The quilt is beautiful!!!!  I can't
take my eyes off of it, she is
absolutely going to love it!  
You don't know how much I
appreciate this and your swift
efforts to get it done.
Jennie T.
Created in memory of Mrs. Koppel's husband.
She had one made for each of her sons.
(approximately 20" x 24")
"I cannot thank you guys enough.  We received the quilts today and
my boys loved them.  You will never know what this means.  To be
able to take a little piece of my husband and allow my children to
have that with them always is a wonderful gift, that they will certainly
treasure forever.  
They are truly incredible as must you guys be!
T. Koppel
This clothing and photo quilt
was made in memory of a
special young man.
These wonderful keepsake quilts and pillows were created from aprons and
favorite photos in memory of our customer's mother.
Carole and Laurie,
Kalie got her Jeremy Quilt on
Christmas Day, and she loves
it. A quilting friend
complimented your skill and
artistry. Thank you for putting so
much love into the quilt.
Jeremy will live on in our
hearts, and Kalie’s Jeremy
Quilt will remind us of him
Thank you also for doing the
other three quilts.
Happy new Year,
Bill F.
This quilt was created in honor of
Mary's husband and is made
from his favorite T-shirts and
backed in cozy flannel.
This wall hanging was created in
memory of a beloved pet.  We
work from photos of the pet and
surround them with things they
"I received my quilt yesterday.
It is so very, very pretty and
I will always cherish it.  I know it
will always keep me warm!"
Mary D.
Good morning Carole and Laurie.
How can I express what I am feeling
right now.  When I opened the
package, I was just amazed at how
beautiful the quilts are.  You were
absolutely right, the pictures did not do
justice to the seen product.  I am
speechless.  My family is going to
simply love these, as I do.  My quilt is
so special, with the wording on the
front.  I don't know how to thank both
of you.  The best way is to spread the
word, which I already have, but I am
sure you will be getting some e-mails.  
I will be in touch soon regarding the
two pillows that I would like to have
made.  And who knows, I might be
ordering more quilts.  

I want to wish both you and your
families a Joyous Holiday!!!!!!
Anne T.